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Cardiovascular Profile

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is associated with more deaths than all cancers—and more deaths in women than breast cancer. This Cardiovascular Profile evaluates a thourough battery of traditional and advanced biomarkers to aid in early detection and modification of heart disease risk. This profile indicates whether a person’s cholesterol-carrying lipoproteins are predominantly healthy or atherogenic (plaque-producing). Measuring cholesterol alone does not provide the complete picture and can be misleading. SpectraCell’s Lipoprotein Particle (LPPTM) is an advanced technology which accurately measures both the density and number of lipoprotein particles.  This information reveals potential heart disease problems that are often missed when only using a standard lipid panel to assess risk. This Lipoprotein Particle Profile – accurately measures the number and size of all lipoprotein particles; helpful in determining the best treatment since the most effective treatment option varies depending on which lipoprotein is elevated.

Cardiovascular Markers:

  • VLDL, LDL and non-HDL Particles – accurate number of lipoprotein particles stratified by size and type
  • Remnant Lipoprotein – highly atherogenic; causes platelet aggregation and impairs vascular relaxation
  • Small Dense LDL – highly atherogenic; these are more dangerous because their small size allows them to more easily penetrate and damage the endothelial wall of blood vessels, thus contributing to atherosclerosis
  • HDL2b – protective lipoproteins that indicate how well HDL is clearing excess cholesterol

Infammation Markers:

  • ApoB 100
  • Lp (a)
  • C Reactive Protein-(hs)
  • Homocysteine

A total of 17 primary and secondary risk factors are evaluated to provide actionable information at a tremendous value.

Pre-Diabetes Biomarkers may also be added to this test, if indicated.

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