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Genetic Testing

Genetic testing, now available through our office, is done through Doctors Data lab or Genova Diagnostics lab in the US. It involves a blood test that identifies changes in chromosomes, genes and proteins. The results of a genetic screen can help to confirm or rule out genetic conditions, and help determine a person’s chances of developing genetic disorders as well as passing it on. There is also an exciting nutritionally-focused genetic test available here in Canada through Rocky Mountain Analytical and Nutrigenomix, which requires a saliva sample.

Genomic testing has become foundational to one’s personalized approach for optimal wellbeing. An individual’s unique genomic makeup provides powerful information which can impact their specific medical and lifestyle decisions. By seeking out genetic testing, specific therapeutic advice for lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, nutrients, etc., insures the best choices for an individual and a healthy way of living.

Genomic Testing. 

7-Gene Personalized Nutrition Assessment combined with NGx-Gluten. The Nutrigenomix laboratory has used state-of-the art genetic testing procedures to analyze the DNA from the saliva sample you provided. They analyzd your genetic code to determine how your body responds to vitamin C, folate, whole grains, omega-3 fats, saturated fat, sodium and caffeine. NGx-Gluten is a comprehensive genetic test for gluten intolerance that examines six variations in the HLA genes to determine whether you have low, medium or high risk.  Finally, they have developed a series of dietary recommendation based on your unique genetic profile and the best available scientific evidence.

DNA Methylation The DNA Methylation Pathway Profile screens for a variety of genetic changes (single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs) that may impact the function of important biochemical processes such as methionine metabolism, detoxification, hormone balance and Vitamin D function.

DetoxGenomic Profile  Is a variation of the above test, but from a different lab

CardioGenomic Plus Profile  This panel is relevant to those who have a family history of or suffer from heart disease, elevated cholesterol and high blood pressure.

EstroGenomic Profile  This panel is useful for anyone struggling with hormonal imbalances such as PMS, Infertility, PCOS, Menopause, etc. It specifically identifies susceptibility to diseases and conditions such as breast cancer, osteoporosis, and heart disease.

ImmunoGenomic Profile This test evaluates genetic variations in genes that modulate immune and inflammatory activity. These variations can affect balance between cell (Th-1) and humoral (Th-2) immunity, trigger potential defects in immune system defense, and stimulate mechanisms underlying chronic, overactive inflammatory responses.

NeuroGenomic Profile This test evaluates single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in genes that modulate methylation, glutathione conjugation, oxidative protection and the potential to evaluate vascular oxidation.

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