Dr. Emina’s Story

When you meet Dr. Emina, you will quickly sense her compassion and find ease in sharing your health story in a way where you will be heard and acknowledged.

You will also feel her genuine desire to help people find the root cause of their dis-ease and to provide hope and encouragement to once again feel well and live a vibrant life.

What you may not know is that her own upbringing and life experiences have shaped her health journey and passion for teaching people how to heal through Naturopathic Medicine.

dr. emina jasarevic

My Story

During my childhood, I developed a deep curiosity surrounding mental health and its direct impacts on physical health. It was in my nature to listen and to observe so I could try to make sense of life and the world around me.

Like some families, mine was not a perfect one. As a child of European immigrant parents, I always knew how deeply my parents loved me and I watched how hard they worked. They were generous, dedicated to the community and provided me many opportunities to grow and become educated.

I grew up in a family that struggled with mental health and substance abuse issues. My mother, may she rest in peace, was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and my father struggled with alcoholism for many years before finding sobriety.

I decided to become a doctor because I understood firsthand how broken our current healthcare model is. Drugs seemed to be the only solution at times, but they hardly provided any answers. No one sought to find the root cause of my mother’s illness and deterioration. No one addressed toxicity, past trauma, nutrition, thyroid disease and so on. It wasn’t until Naturopathic medical school that I learned – that I truly understood – how much she needed my love and support. That was the most powerful medicine that she received. I witnessed moments of clarity and purpose in her life, when she received unconditional love and support from her family. But that was not an easy thing to learn growing up as a child. Anyone who has struggled with mental health themselves or with a family member understands how emotionally taxing it is to open up your heart space fully – only to slam it shut in order to survive the hard times, the unpredictable, unstable times.

I chose Naturopathic medicine because I strongly believe in the innate intelligence of the human body and mind to heal itself – if given the opportunity. My mom never had that opportunity and died far too young at the age of 53. So, with every patient I meet, I am deeply invested in their health and their mental well-being, offering all the tools and resources that naturopathic medicine has to offer.

My Credentials

Dr. Emina Jasarevic is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and the Clinic Director of Mind Body Soul Integrative Clinic.

Dr. Emina has a focused interest and extensive training in hormone rebalancing, helping patients through all stages of life. She helps men and women increase energy and lower stress, restore adrenal and thyroid function, enhance fertility, reduce symptoms of PCOS and PMS, optimize symptoms of peri- and post-menopause, and overcome anxiety, depression, and irritability. In addition, Dr. Emina treats many patients for digestive restoration through the identification of food sensitivities, infectious agents and restoring gut health with natural therapies.

Born and raised in beautiful BC, she completed her naturopathic medical doctorate at the esteemed Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. Prior to this, she completed her Bachelor of Science in Psychology (with minor studies in biochemistry) at the University of Northern British Columbia.

Dr. Emina employs a wide range of functional medicine lab testing and evidence-based therapeutics to provide comprehensive, holistic, and effective patient-centred care.

I don't believe we are born with drug deficiencies - but we can develop nutrient deficiencies. So when a person becomes ill, drugs are not my first choice of therapy - botanicals, nutrients and nourishing food is where we should start.

The chronic pain of emotional stress

Patient First, Doctor Second

I was about 22, completing the last year of my university undergrad program, when I started developing migraine headaches. At first they were infrequent, maybe 1-2 a month. But as I entered the work force, the frequency increased to 1-3Xs a week and would disrupt my ability to work a full day. I needed a black room, a quiet place to rest and an ice pack for the debilitating pain that would set in for the next 4-18 hours.

I was taking pain killers like Imitrex and Maxalt, but it never quite stopped the pain completely. I reached a point during my pain journey in which I realized how much medication I was taking yet I wasn’t getting any better.

So, I went to go see a Naturopathic Doctor. After a thorough one-hour consultation and review of my lifestyle, family history, health background, and nutritional habits – the following was prescribed for me:

  1. Weekly IV Vitamin injections
  2. Weekly acupuncture
  3. A nutritional cleanse

Within one month – I was free and clear of migraine headaches, after years of suffering. This continued for 10 years without recurrence. I no longer suffer with Migraine Headaches because:

  • I understand my nutritional deficiencies
  • I know my food triggers, and
  • I recognize how emotional stress and physical tension contribute to my pain.

From Miscarriages
to Motherhood

Being able to naturally conceive and birth a healthy baby is a beautiful gift. I believe it is a gift that is underappreciated, under-supported and overmedicated.

Fast forward 10 years… to my fertility journey. I never anticipated the emotional rollercoaster that pregnancy and miscarriage would come to bring. As a Naturopathic physician, I had all the tools at my disposable to create a healthy pregnancy, from good nutrition, regular exercise, the right nutrients, detox protocols and of course, a healthy donor – my husband!

However, my first pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage at 11 weeks and I was devastated. I know many women can relate – and even so – this is a quiet epidemic that is not openly discussed in our communities. Sometimes it is not even openly discussed within our immediate family. As such, many woman and many couples process the loss of a baby alone, quietly, and even with guilt. In sharing my experience, my hope is to create more awareness around this quiet but increasing issue and perhaps it will help ease the guilt too.

Fortunately, I went on to have 3 more pregnancies, in the order of one healthy baby, followed by another miscarriage and then finally a 4th and successful pregnancy. With the support of Malachite Midwives, I was able to experience two beautiful, natural home-births at the so-called “advance maternal age” of 34 and 36.

My understanding of miscarriage today is that this is now the new normal. It does not immediately warrant expensive fertility treatments. But at the same time, good health over the age of 30 is no longer good enough. I was forced to re-evaluate my lifestyle, look at my genetics, make a concerted effort to mitigate my stress levels and take the right nutrients. It took some work!

Conception and family planning is a highly stressful time for couples. The nuances that stress and environment play into fertility are subtle but powerful and they demand our attention.

I enjoy helping my patients through their journey of family planning. Naturopathic Medicine is well-suited to support both natural and medically-assisted pregnancies.

I was forced to re-evaluate my lifestyle, look at my genetics, make a concerted effort to mitigate my stress levels and take the right nutrients. It took some work!