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Understanding your 23andme results: MTHFR, MTR, COMT, and more.

If you have already done the 23andme DNA test, you can download a raw data file that will give you so much more information than what the lab provides. This report includes 10,000 pages of raw data that will need to be interpreted by a software program that some practitioners have been trained to use.

Understanding genetic “SNPs” from a DNA report can help to clarify and overcome obstacles to better health. A single nucleotide polymorphism, SNP pronounced “snip”, is a DNA sequence variation of a single nucleotide in the genome that differs between members of a species. For example, MTHFR is an important genetic SNP. One of the primary methylation genes, MTHFR promotes DNA production and repair, builds hormones, neurotransmitters, immune cells, and more. MTHFR can affect fertility, creating a condition of autoimmune fertility or recurrent miscarriage. MTHFR is also implicated in mental illness, neurological disease, energy pathways, clotting, heart disease and more. MTHFR is definitely the most well-known genetic SNP, but there are multiple relevant SNPs, each of which may have different applications to disease in humans.

Dr. Emina is certified in the identification and treatment of nutrigenomic concerns. Dr. Emina can review your 23andme genetic reports during a consult and provide information on which genes may be influencing your health. Be aware that the testing, consultations and sequence of treatments to approaching genetic issues may take some patience and time to work through.

Naturopathic Doctors can also order and analyze methylation function profiles, nutrient panels and organic acids tests. These are valuable tools – and often are more meaningful than the genetic tests.

Please contact the office prior to your follow up appointment as we will have to run your raw data through a reporting system prior to seeing Dr. Emina. This can take at least 2 weeks, after an initial consultation has been completed.

It’s important to realize that genetics themselves and the expression of the genes are two different things altogether. We do not offer simple treatment protocols based on your genetic SNPs alone.

We treat you with your entire health in mind. We look at your hormonal systems, your digestive systems, sleep patterns, lifestyle factors, and we take your genetics into account when considering what health concerns you are expressing. We will prescribe what may be needed if one of your genes is impacting your health in a particular way. Please keep in mind that we do not treat a gene alone. As such, we need to complete a full health intake visit before we can treat you for any genetic results you may have done previously and how we will address your genes will depend on what symptoms or concerns you are presenting with. We are skilled in interpreting genetic panels and we view genes as only one part of human health – they are important but regaining health involves many other factors.

Epigenetics is the study of the effect of environment and external factors on your genetics. For example, inflammation, infection, or toxicity can alter the way that a gene is expressed and as such, we can influence the expression of our genes, through exercise, nutrition, sleep, and lifestyle changes.

With that in mind, we will review your entire case history and look for environmental factors influencing your health. We have extensive experience on the application of MTHFR to reproduction, autoimmunity and fatigue, sleep disorders, thyroid, hormone and mental health. As such, patients with these concerns may find this analysis helpful and relevant.

We look forward to working with you and helping you understand what your genetic profile means for you.

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