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Weight Loss Programs

Whether you’re looking to lose 10 lbs or 100lbs, Dr. Emina will create a medically supervised weight management program that will address your life and not just weight loss. Our weight loss program combines Chinese medicine, counseling, nutrition and lifestyle education with medical monitoring, meal replacement and nutritional supplementation to help you manage your weight. In the program you will learn how to make healthier balanced meal choices, stress management techniques, and physical wellness concepts.

Weight Loss

Before a personalized weight loss program can begin, the cause of excess pounds must be determined. Some common causes from a Naturopathic perspective include:

  • Chronic Stress – leads the body to produce high stress hormones, which promotes fat storage around the abdomen. Stress from work, finances, family or physical injury from an accident all contribute to weight issues.
  • Biochemical Imbalances – Adrenal gland dysfunction, low thyroid hormone, pituitary disorders, blood sugar imbalance, and fluid retention caused by drugs, liver or kidney disease — all contribute to weight issues.
  • Toxicity — Environmental toxins will mimic and disrupt the sensitive hormone balance in the body, as well as cause the body to store extra pounds to dilute toxins and their negative effects. These include heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, plastics and food sensitivities.

Other contributing factors to weight issues include food and drink addictions, such as alcohol, sugar and coffee; emotional eating as a coping mechanism and lifestyle habits such as inactivity or a lack of time to cook healthy meals.

A Personalized Weight Loss Program

Once the underlying cause for extra pounds has been determined, a personalized weight loss program will be tailored to your meet your specific needs. A weight loss evaluation & program may include the following:

  • Laboratory testing, to screen the thyroid, adrenals, other hormones, etc.
  • Comprehensive physical exam with a body composition test (measures your percentage of fat, muscle, cellular hydration and toxicity)
  • Individualized weight management plan combining clinical nutrition, medical weight loss food and supplements
  • Combination of alternative therapies such as Intravenous vitamins & nutrients, physical fitness counseling, body work, and energetic medicine.
  • Acupuncture, weekly sessions (to increase metabolism and suppress appetite).
  • Detoxification and Infrared Sauna Therapy, if required
  • Mesotherapy and Body Sculpting for stubborn areas of weight gain

Naturopathic Treatment will depend on the individual and the underlying cause. Otherwise, the pounds remain a symptom from which diets provide only temporary relief.

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