If you are motivated to lose weight now and want results, this is the program for you!

This is a physician-supervised weight-loss program utilizing prescription injections. We use a range of evidenced-based prescription medications to help aid in weight loss.

Specific stress hormones in our bodies cause us to gain visceral fat. This is the fat, most commonly situated around the abdomen surrounding our internal organs, which the body normally stores for use in a “starvation” situation. As we age, these hormone levels decline, and visceral fat tends to accumulate. Excess accumulation of visceral fat is associated with many health issues, including chronic stress, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Associated Positive Side Effects:

  • Increased energy and feeling of well-being
  • Mental clarity and heightened thought processes
  • Improved quality of sleep at night
  • Feeling less irritable and moody

Associated Negative Side Effects:

  • Headaches
  • Initial fatigue and weakness, usually self-resolving
  • Edema
  • Constipation (easily managed via email or at follow-up)

A medically supervised weight-loss program with our Naturopathic Doctors involves supplemental weekly injections of Lipotropic (MIC and B12) Vitamins to support energy; a tailored healthy nutrition and dietary plan, selected prescribed medications when appropriate and weekly body composition screening (which measures and tracks your muscle percentage, fat percentage, hydration status and basal metabolic rate.

Does this really Work?

We use selective medications and natural substances that help the body in states of sugar dysregulation, insulin resistance and hunger and satiety signalling. some medications influence the hypothalamus in the brain to guide the metabolism of fat via the hormone leptin and its ability to burn fat. The key point here is documented in scientific articles such as in the Journal Of Endocrinology (Aug 2007.) “what we see in clinical practice is the significant stimulation of secretion of the pro-adipogenic factor, leptin, from human adipose tissue”. The interdependence of certain natural agents, leptin, and insulin are undoubtedly at the core of how we store and burn fat.

We recommend alwasy starting with a dietary cleanse for a 2 or 4 week duration, followed by out Medically Supervised Weight Loss program, depending on your individual weight loss goal  You will be carefully monitored on a weekly basis. You will also receive weekly visits that include the Lipotropic injections, BioImpedance Analysis (Fat %, muscle %, hydration, etc) progress report review, and support. Many of my patients find their weekly Lipotropic injections incredibly helpful for energy and motivation. Other patients may opt for more support…

Prior to starting on the Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program we will ask you book an initial consultation, conduct a pre-screening assessment, ask you to bring in any recent blood work and order any further tests (if needed) to determine suitability.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply book your first appointment by sending an email to [email protected] or by using online booking. Please choose the Rapid Weight Loss Program Appointment.

We highly recommend scheduling all consultations and weight loss follow-ups during your first office visit (or online here.)  This ensures consistency in your program and that you reserve the availability for your preferred time.

Program Details:

  • Initial Visit with full health history
  • Basic Physical Exam, program review and instructional lesson in self-injections
  • Rapid Weight Loss Program Booklet – Hard Copy
  • Approved Recipe Booklet – 100+ pages – e-format
  • Weekly visits with “Fat-busting” vitamin injections
  • Optional supplement support

Laboratory Screening:

  • HgA1c and Fasting Insulin
  • Thyroid panel: TSH, free T4, free T3
  • Weekly BIA analyses (body fat %, muscle %, hydration, resting metabolic rate)

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