Some patients have had limited or no basic laboratory testing. Sometimes it is a result of not having a family doctor, and other times it’s not knowing when and what blood tests are important to order at different stages of life to maintain good health. Naturopathic Doctors are able to order basic blood tests that a family doctor would order. If you do not have a family doctor but would like annual or baseline blood work done for disease prevention purposes, these are available. If you have a current health condition that requires more expenanded and specific testing based on your health condition, these can be ordered once a consultation is complete.

A common condition and explanation for fatigue is often iron deficiency anemia. It’s one of the first tests that should be ordered when the primary complaint is fatigue for several weeks, months or even years. A blood test for iron storage is called Ferritin, along with a Complete Blood Count. Its a fast, inexpensive way to get to the root of this particular problem.

There are many health conditions that can be screened for with Basic blood work, even if there are no symptoms, or just mild symptoms. Treating the imbalance before it becomes a disease, is the best way to maintain your health.